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Shah Rukh Khan’s special ‘Thanksgiving Note’ for David Letterman!

Bollywood’s Baadshah,Shah Rukh Khan unfortunately isn’t having the best of times at the box office and one might feel that after his last few debacles, he needs to get his choice of script and decision making right to bring back his purple patch. 

The fact that ‘Zero’ didn’t work hasn’t gone in his favour as well and it now won’t be wrong to say that SRK really needs a film to work and be a hit. No, by no means are we saying that he needs to get a hit to retain his stardom. Afterall, he was, is and will be the ‘crowned’ ‘King of Bollywood. ‘

But having said, it is also important to not let the fans down in any manner, especially when it’s a big star like SRK who has been running the business for donkeys’ years now. But what’s gone is gone and better be left alone. But a superstar is a superstar irrespective of failures due to which the demand never reduces. The very reason SRK was invited to the very special chat show of none other than David Letterman titled ‘My Next Guest Needs No Introduction. ‘

The shoot went very well and so was the episode and SRK being the typical gentleman that he is, decided to post a picture with David and thanking him for all the hospitality and love. 

Shah Rukh Khan tweeted – 
No more footprints…this is The  Abominable Snowman!! Before BatMan & SpiderMan, there is Mr. LetterMan @Letterman Thx for ur generosity. Had 2 much fun being interviewed.Not becos it was about me but becos u were kind enough to make me feel I can be me. U r an inspiration sir. https://t.co/8MkFpWJ0WK

We cannot wait for the episode to see how the NYC audience embraced our ‘King of Romance’. 


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