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Shivaleeka Oberoi gets massive thumbs up for her debut film

One film down and young actor Shivaleeka Oberoi is making heads turn with her talent. Having debuted in Yeh Saali Aashiqui opposite Vardhan Puri, Shivaleeka has been receiving immense praise for her on-point acting in the film. She portrays a strong and sensuous young girl who entices Vardhan with her beauty and charm although with an ulterior motive. Her talent is apparent in every scene as she skillfully reveals the main plot of the film and she has definitely got a huge thumbs up from the critics and audiences.

From being described as a “formidable debut” to “leaving a lasting impression with her acting”, Shivaleeka is on a roll and how! With a storm of rave reviews coming her way and fan adulation increasing every day, Shivaleeka is here to stay and we can’t wait to watch her weave magic in every film she signs.

Here are some of the reactions for Shivaleeka on Twitter….

Bhavikk Sangghvi – https://twitter.com/bhavikksangghvi/status/1200040630602194948?s=19

Bhavesh Punjbai – https://twitter.com/_BhaveshPunjabi/status/1200138518166528000?s=19

Divya Solgama – https://twitter.com/DIVYASOLGAMA/status/1200292811821551616?s=19

Somesh Sinha – https://twitter.com/SinhaSomesh/status/1200408539828609029?s=19

Curious one – https://twitter.com/kurious_1_/status/1201154147648589826?s=19

Nitesh Shahani – https://twitter.com/nitesh__shahani/status/1201120864369963008?s=19

Nismish – https://twitter.com/nimish_12/status/1201098756805951488?s=19

Anchita – https://twitter.com/itsAnchita7/status/1201077488715042816?s=19

Vinay Nayak – https://twitter.com/imvinnyk/status/1201059886953447425?s=19

Dilbag Koundal – https://twitter.com/dilbagkoundal/status/1201057699468677120?s=19

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