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Shriya Saran Speaks for Drishyam

Actress Shriya Saran will be seen in an upcoming Bollywood movie ‘Drishyam’.The film also features actor Ajay Devgan and actress Tabu in leading roles.Directed by Nishikant Kamat,the film is ready to release on 31st JULY 2015.
In a chat interview with Cinespeaks,the actress speaks on the film and shares some of her experiences working with her co-actors.Read on to know…

Q : Tell us something about shooting in Goa and how was your experience working for this film ‘Drishyam’?
Shriya : The film is extensively shot in Goa.I really love Goa and it’s a wonderful place.There are lush-green surroundings with a pleasant whether.We all really enjoyed shooting in Goa.My role is of a mother with 2 kids and Ajay Devgan is my husband.I am a simple girl from a middle class family with very simple values.The film tells the story of a simple woman who fights all odds in saving her family.

Q : So have you seen the original Malayalam version of ‘Drishyam’?
Shriya : When Drishyam was released,it was one of the path-breaking movies in Malayalam films.The film had opened to rave reviews and was a commercially successful film as well.The film has a very well-written script with an interesting story.There are no flaws in the script.When I saw the film I really liked the concept and theme of the film.I still have the memories for the movie.

Q : How was the experience of working with your co-actors?
Shriya : I had earlier worked with Tabu in a Telugu film.Tabu is extremely simple and very down-to-earth.I really had a wonderful and a relaxing experience working with her.Since I earlier worked with her,so I was more comfortable and relaxed while filming.I really like her in Haider.Ajay is a very great actor.He is also simple and natural.He never depicts his stardom and how big he his.

Q : Drishyam has quite resemblance with Kamal Haasan’s Papanasam,so do you think will it affect the business of this film?
Shriya : NO ! Both films are different with different storylines.Both these movies have separate audiences.Drishyam is a film which can be watched repeatedly.Ajay and Tabu have a very huge fan-base,so the audience will definitely watch and appreciate this film.

Q : Biopic is a trend now in the industry.Have you been offered any biopic film?What characters you would like to portray on-screen?
Shriya : I have not been offered any biopic movie.But,I would love to portray Kishore Kumar and Mina Kumari on screen.Also I like is Madhubala,she is a timeless beauty.

Q : What are your upcoming projects?
Shriya : As of now,it’s only Drishyam.

Written By : Naveen Umakant Kandlapalli.

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