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Spiritual healer Amiben Modi talks about the importance of Makar Sakranti

This Makar Sakranti, spiritual healer Amiben Modi talks about the significance of the festival and why it’s one of the most important festivals in our country. She says, “Makar Sakranti holds importance everywhere in our country. The south celebrates a new year, Lohri falls around these days which signifies burning of all negativity and charges you for the coming year and in our Gujarat, the sky is filled with colorful kites. Families come together for this unique celebration which goes on day and night.”

She adds, “Makar Sakranti marks the beginning of the sun’s transition into the zodiac of Capricorn (Makar=Capricorn, Sankranti= transition). This is when the sun is so powerful that it grants a lot of wishes.”

Amiben says that people should use this day to give to the needy and earn their blessings. “I suggest my readers take benefit of this phase, pray to the sun and donate food and clothes to the needy, blessings earned during this period will give you thousand times the return,” she says.

She further adds that flying kites on this day has a lot of meaning. “In Uttrayan, we put efforts to fly our kite to the highest point in the sky. Just like that, in life, everyone should aim to achieve all their dreams through hard work. That is the symbolic significance of this festival. Here’s wishing all the readers a safe, colorful and happy Uttrayan!” she says.

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