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Tarot reading is not only about predicting future, says tarot card reader Aditya Nair

Well-known tarot card reader Aditya Nair says his aim has always been to bring in positive transformation in people’s life.

Aditya was always inclined towards spirituality during his growing up years but started tarot reading only in 2017. “Tarot reading is not only about predicting one’s future it also helps to make conscious decisions in life. It’s the key to the door leading to any of your questions, however mundane it may be. A tarot reader helps you to manifest your goals which would lead you towards positive transformation,” Aditya says.
When the coronavirus pandemic wave hit the country last year, Aditya decided to take a plunge on social media to assist people in regaining their faith in life and bring positivity. “As an empath, what matters to me is the energy of a person. It was a hard year for everyone and more and more people were losing hope, that’s when I thought of taking tarot reading on social platforms. As I am gifted by the universe to act as a channel between souls and the sixth planet, so I decided to ameliorate things,” he says.

Aditya reveals he has done tarot reading sessions with a few celebrities including actor Angad Hasija, best known for portraying the role of Aalekh in the Star Plus show “Sapna Babul Ka…Bidaai”. Talking about Angad, he says, the actor is deeply rooted in spirituality and meditation.“…The conclave with him has always been pleasant. It was never difficult to connect and guide him as he is very receptive. I understand, an actor’s life is unpredictable, so I have suggested him things accordingly to elevate his life and for solace,” Aditya adds. Angad too said his meeting with Aditya was pleasant. The actor shares he was receiving feedback from Aditya for many years on his shows and later decided to meet him for a personal tarot reading session.

“I am a very spiritual person. After reading reviews from people about Aditya I was impressed with his talent. One day I messaged him and we started talking, he explained about the process of healing. I did tarot card reading with him and my experience was really very good. He told me everything in detail,” Angad adds. With words of praise from the talented actor coupled with Aditya’s expertise, it seems Aditya will go a long way in the field of tarot reading.

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