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TV stars look at how Valentine’s Day has become a marketing gimmick!

If you actually think about it, Valentine’s Day has almost lost it’s sheen the way it is being used by marketing companies as a tool to make money. As gift and cake shops throng with young lovers, queuing up to buy cakes, greeting cards and gifts for each other, brands and companies make the day even more obvious. Here is what our TV stars feel about the blatant commercialization of the day that was originally dedicated to celebrating love!    

Mohammad Nazim: Valentine’s Day has become a marketing gimmick with people selling toys, cards and chocolates, etc., in the name of love. It’s absolutely fine to celebrate the day, but it should not become an obsession. Having said that, it can’t be denied that girls like to be pampered by their boyfriends!


Ssharad Malhotra: Valentine’s Day has become a fad. Love is not something which needs to be flaunted. It’s a personal emotion. On the contrary, Valentine’s Day is more of an aggressive activity, which marketing companies capitalise on. People whom you love should know that you love them without needing a specific day to express it.

Shashank Vyas: To celebrate the day or not is subjective. Valentine’s Day has nothing to do with our Indian culture. One can celebrate it however one wants to; showering your beloved with expensive or inexpensive yet thoughtful gifts. But on the whole, it’s a beautiful and fun-filled day when one expresses his love for his bae and there is nothing with it.

Shashank Vyas

Tarun Khurana:  I am an expressive person. However, I don’t believe in Valentine’s Day as it’s nothing but a marketing gimmick by companies to make extra bucks. If you love someone, you need not buy expensive cards, soft toys or other gifts, instead just a flower with ‘I love you’ message would be more than enough to express your feelings.

Adaa Khan: If you love someone, you don’t need a day to express it. You can make the person feel special on any day, turning it memorable for life. Love is not a candy-floss film; it is a matter of the heart. True love should be unconditional and forever. 

Arjun Bijlani: Marketing geniuses will use this day as a tool to make more money. It’s perfectly fine for people to buy gifts for their loved ones. I am fine with the celebratimng Vaentine’s Day. But I would want people to celebrate it whenever they deem fit.  

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