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“The voting system is flawed and the change needs to happen now!” says Sheen Dass

Election fever has gripped the nation currently as every citizen is gearing up to cast their vote. However, there are still some citizens, especially women who are bearing the brunt of India’s flawed voting system. Stepping into the election zone is &TV’s dramedy show Shaadi Ke Siyape which is all set to take a political twist. Showcasing a hidden reality of India, the show’s upcoming episode brings forth a patriarchal political scenario that refuses to give household women the right to vote in the fear that they might cast their vote against a robust household man who is contesting in a party’s elections.

Expressing her concern on this issue was Sheen Das aka Bijli “It is extremely disappointing that women in the smaller parts of India are deprived of their rights and duties towards the country. It is the right of every citizen of India to vote and choose the Government of their choice. Moreover, the various issues pertaining to the election and voting system in the rural parts of India have led to several problems faced by most of the women in that town/city/state. People need to be educated and primary literacy in such matters need to be addressed by urban Indians or through government initiatives. Another issue that has been prevailing in India is that of lost votes owing to voters shifting to another city/town/state. This issue can be dealt by applying for voter IDs immediately after one shifts to a new place to avoid losing out on their vote. Undoubtedly the voting system is flawed, and the change needs to happen now!”

Affirming the importance of voting and urging many citizens to take this necessary step her co-actor Bhavya Gandhi aka Nanku said, “I feel every individual above the age of 18 should cast their vote as not just a right given by the Government of India but also as part of our duty. As a responsible individual, I strive to vote in every election that takes place in the country. I urge every single citizen of this country to vote sensibly and thoughtfully and not take the election day as a holiday. The most important change that will occur in this country is when people change their mindset and start working towards the betterment of their country.”

Shaadi Ke Siyape has been gathering audiences’ praises for its comical drama that the aliens from Jupiter have been showcasing along with the very generous Fancy Aunty. Will the audience witness the aliens become politicians? Will the aliens who in a bid to help the women cast their vote get caught in the act?

Tune into watch all the fun on Shaadi Ke Siyape on &TV from Saturday to Sunday at 8pm

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