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Trapped Trailer: Raw and Gripping

After films like Udan and Lootera, Director Vikramaditya Motwane is back in the show with Trapped, featuring Rajkumar Rao. Just the combination of two will give you a whole lot of expectations and if the trailer is to go by, the industry will witness a new definition of Indian Cinema.

Have you ever been in a situation where you feel absolutely helpless? Have you even been in the dilemma of the forced thoughts of dying in those helpless situations? Have you ever been trapped???

Being trapped is being stuck in a situation where you have no escape! We have Rajkumar Rao in the movie that is trapped in his own flat because of a mere hawa ka jhoka. What follows is his crazy attempt to get out of the flat. The story follows the time span of 10-15 days and his continuous crazy attempts to come out where he has been stuck.

To add to the horror is the condition where there is no food or electricity or water for him to survive. The building where he gets stuck in is an empty building where he is on the 35th floor! He even tries throwing the TV outside the balcony to grab watchman’s attention but too bad, Mr. Watchman is busy adjusting the radio networks to bring some entertainment in his boring job.

The trailer is raw and gripping. The mere thought of getting stuck in a place where you have no basic amenities will run a shiver down your spine. The movie looks promising and we are indeed waiting a fabulous performance by the team! Kudos!

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