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Video Editing At Artiste 360

As is often repeated in film studies, a film writer writes a story, a director moulds it and the editor completes it. In this sense, no one per se has a proprietary over the story but at the same time, everyone involved in the process has a responsibility towards it. They all have to play their role to perfection the consequence of which is a neatly crafted cinema. With time, the role of an editor has become more and more crucial. It’s an art and a technique and a scientific manifestation of sixth sense which guides what is best suited for the flow of the story. We at Artiste 360 have introduced the course of Video Editing keeping precisely this in mind.
Sound, Colour and Impact of all the work done by Camera is something at the heart of editing. We have introduced this course by highlighting these aspects. Teaching the fundamentals is never an end of the story at artiste 360. We make sure that you have also learnt them well. Therefore, the practical, wherein you will prepare Music videos and edit them yourselves. Our instructor Anup Chavan is a creative producer, director, cinematographer and designer who has worked for well-known directors as well as production houses, Zoya Akhtar, Amazon Prime to name a few. His inside out experience of filmmaking will make this course interactive and informing at the same time. Hands-on experience is the key to master any art form and editing is no less of one. It offers you a plethora of choices for specialization. This is precisely why before going for anything higher it is advised that you learn beforehand the complex and infinite small tasks e.g., Handling editing software, creating timeline etc.
Artiste 360 is a next-generation art school, situated in the heart of the city. In such trying times, we show courage to make our training available to artists. We provide education over almost all forms of art and venerate art to say the least. We have our dear founder Mrs. Tarang Jain who is a businesswoman determined to give art and artists their well-deserved place. So, be the one who speaks for yourself. Widen your knowledge and open up your spirits to join our program right now.
Apart from Video Editing, we also have courses on Watercolor Painting, Graphic Design, String Art, Acrylic Painting, Actuality Filmmaking, Comic Drawing, Introduction to Architecture, Portrait Studies, Zine, Creative Thinking etc.
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Contact us at- 9321684446 (Imran)
Write us at – info@artiste360.com
Visit us on – www.artiste360.com

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