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Water Colour Artiste 360

One of the oldest mediums that occupied the heart and soul of painting from around 4000 BCE is water colours. From cave walls, to fresco walls to renaissance paintings and cityscapes or landscapes of our own time, water colour has never let down an artist. We probably make friends with a box of water colours even before we learn to speak properly. But, a popular medium such as this needs extra attention when you want to make something flamboyant out of it. Medium as familiar as this can take you high up or you may feel lost without proper guidance. We, at Artiste 360 know this too well. Our courses on watercolor basic, intermediate and advanced take good care of refining your talent of handling water colours.
Our instructors Ashutosh Kalpale, Kosha Shah and Omkar Khamitkar are young and wise talents possessing ample amount of experience in the field. Kosha Shah having graduated from Florence, Italy has 13 years of experience as a fine artist. Omkar Khamitkar is a digital portrait artist who creates a melange of the technical and the human, the keys and brush strokes. Basic level, intermediate level and advanced level comprise of 5 sessions, 10 sessions and 12 sessions respectively. They focus on illuminating ideas as well as concepts passing on their hard-gained expertise on using techniques. One peculiarity of our advanced level is the use of handmade watercolor papers. The syllabus is curated inhouse. Detailed landscapes, realistic food items, portraits, study use of brushes, pallets or human figures… The syllabus thus designed differing by each level is a package that matches international standards. Here, you will not be tortured by an old-fashioned syllabus neither will you feel short of the fundamentals. Therefore, Water Colour at Artiste 360 is a perfect match for a post-post-modern art student.
Artiste 360 is an institute situated at the heart of the city founded by a marvellous entrepreneur Mrs. Tarang Jain. We provide a nice breathing space to almost every form of fine art and multimedia. Our unique composition of space, students and a seasoned team of teachers give you leverage as you can have a dialogue with art across mediums and across generations. Come aboard and we will give you a joyful ride to the extraordinary world of art.
Apart from Watercolor painting, we also have courses on Acrylic Painting, Graphic Design, String Art, Video Editing, Actuality Filmmaking, Comic Drawing, Introduction to Architecture, Portrait Studies, Zine, Creative Thinking etc.
For further information
Contact us at- 9321684446 (Imran)
Write us at – info@artiste360.com
Visit us on – www.artiste360.com

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