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Pankaj Tripathi Cannot Contain His Emotions After Watching MUM

Mr. Pankaj Tripathi, renowned Bollywood artist graced the launch of Akash Mihani’s short film ‘MUM’.


“The beauty and innocence of this film with its authenticity has left me speechless. It’s important that this film reaches the original village where this incident happened. This story should be told to the masses.”

“MUM is not a short film it’s a cinema”, said by many viewers during the screening in the festivals, Sound Design and Music are one of the key strengths of MUM. Subir Das has already shown his efforts for the message via Sound Design.

When asked him if such type of films with sensitive subject should be made more often, he said: “Of course yes. As I always say, cinema is not just a medium of entertainment, some social issues should be reflected upon in our films.”

In fact, after watching such films, you take back a lot of things, you become a better individual.”

“That’s why, such films should be approved by the Government and screened in villages and remote areas to change their mentality towards girl child and specially people who feel that girls are a burden, it’s a must watch for them.”

When asked him if “MUM” will change the mindset of the people, he said: “Yes, of course. Even if one man watches this films and thinks about this issue then it’s a big achievement for the film.”

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